Friday, February 10, 2012

We have a house!

I am so excited to announce that we have found a house. It is a three bedroom and we are very excited that this one has shade and is on a flat lot. Also, we shouldn't go hungry because there are several fruit trees within the compound. There are lime, mango, guava, and orange trees. We have been busily collecting all the items we need to make it a home. All of the bags we have shipped have made it so far and the airlines have yet to charge us for any of them. We are so thankful for that because it has saved us a lot of money and we have most of what we need to set get started with basic living and homeschooling. I am hoping to get a few photos up soon. The lady who owns the house is finishing the paint and heightening the wall by 3 blocks in the back over the weekend and beginning of next week so we should be able move in on Wed or Thursday. We have a couple of projects to do (shelf building and such)so I will do before and afters.
The people at Greenfield Market are so nice. Levi and Ivey are really warming up to Auntie Rema who has been giving them KitKat's and Orange box drinks. Unfortunately, Ivey vomited hers all over the store floor today. I think she just got a little to hot. I can't go without telling my favorite thing in the store, so actually I will show you:
(I have to upload our photos as small for them to upload but if you click on them you can view them larger)

In case you don't like meat in your toilet paper.
And, at the Freetown Supermarket they have this fun package:

a big dollop of whatever

Here is a photo that goes with a previous post. We just passed it for the second time and it still makes my day.

I have yet to get a good photo of this but one of the main cell phone companies here is Africell whose logo is 'Africell. For all the reasons'. I am not leaving any thing out. It is what we have for our phones and we use it for all the reasons.


  1. So happy for you! I don't even know you, but am praying for you and your family and really enjoy reading your blog posts. We are forever family for Lansana S. and I can't wait to get back to SL to see him and meet you.

  2. Oh my goodness I got a good chuckle about the dollop of whatever and vegetarian toilet paper!! So funny. I love it. Beyond thrilled that you found the house and will hopefully be settling in soon. Praying for you guys.

  3. Did I read that sticker right. $3 for that roll of toilet paper? You better be glad you have fruit trees. You'll nneed the rinds for wipeing!!!! Glad about the house!!!Mom

  4. Ha Ha Ha Mom, I am not using rinds! The sticker is actually 3,200 leones which is about $.75

  5. are so good about posting all the details that we want to see! I think Whole Foods would like to have a stock in your toilet paper! AND I absolutely LOVE the family photos- It's as if you've always been together...such a perfect fit! And I must say ONLY HEATHER could pull off such an AWESOME photography shoot! So impressed with your Martha Stewart skills!