Thursday, February 2, 2012

Abdul is in the kitchen!

We just had chicken cooked with vegetables and rice and watermelon. It was so good. Really, it was so good. Ivey asked, " what is that guys name? Uncle Abdul? Uncle Abdul is a goooood cooker!". John stood up, stretched his arms out and said, " I thank God for this chicken". Ha, me too. When Ivey had eaten her watermelon to the green John tried to take the rind from her, she had a death grip and Andrew said, "you better watch out she'll bite your finger" and the three African kids were hysterical. They thought that was so funny. It is so fun to be eating together as a family. As I type this all five are watching 'The Incredibles' and Isatu is telling the dad to run (from the robot) and Ivey is very concerned asking "Is it hurting? Is it hurting really bad?".
We thank God for this time together.

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