Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lizard fever is spreading

Today we made the lizard trap. We cut out a square at the top and a square on the side, duck taped some mesh wire on the holes, and cut a 'trap door' on the other side. Levi collected grubs or maggots(which I am not sure). I found a stick and Isatu got a piece of cord the plumber left. Albert and John collected the needed rocks and we taped them to the door, propped it up with the stick, tied the cord to the stick and Levi got in position. Even Samuel the guard got involved clearing the area of any distracting grubs. It became a family affair to catch Levi a lizard. The first exciting moment when a lizard went in Levi pulled the cord and he and John when running to the box. When John grabbed the box he accidentally pushed the mesh in and the lizard ran out. That was the cause of a huge meltdown on Levi's part. Once he had calmed down we set the box back up, taped everything back in place and began another wait. The second catch also escaped somehow so we did not get a lizard pet today. It really was great fun though.

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