Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Two Peeping Toms

I was so concerned about expediting the rinsing of Pigpen that I didn't see him there. Levi did however and I shrieked. A six inch African spider was on the underneath of the sink. Andrew had to photograph it before slapping it senseless and sending it to its plastic trash can coffin. It took me a few minutes of moving everything that could possibly disguise a spider family member before I would get in the shower and even then I gingerly pulled on the curtain with two fingertips slowly inspecting every crease. Thank God I was washed and mostly rinsed before I realized that there was a lizard on the wall in front of me. It was fairly far up but it was slipping. I called Andrew in there to do I don't know what. He suggested I spray it to scare it off. I followed that bad advice and he slid all the way down the wall. The point of this blog post is that I need to confess that I said shit twice. I don't usually say things like that but something about a spotted cream colored reptile sliding down the bathtub at me with nothing but spider infested shower curtains to grab got the best of me. Andrew was supposed to get in the shower after me but right after this incident the power went off so I really don't blame him for not wanting to go in there. As soon as Uncle Jessie got the generator on we went to see if the creep was still there and sure enough he was waiting, watching for his next victim. So we sent in Levi. And the second point of this blog is to say that Levi is in fact our hero tonight as he gladly went in, took the lizard by the tail and took him outside our balcony door. That door happens to be nearest my bed and I know for a fact that the lizard can come right back in here anytime he wants so Levi's gets to sleep with me tonight.

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  1. Ok...this made me laugh out loud....literally.