Saturday, February 4, 2012

Are you trying it kill me?

As the hunt for a house continues we have had a few interesting experiences. I probably should not relay everything here as there are grandparents to consider but
some stories are just too exciting not to tell. About a week ago we went to look at some houses that were within walking distance of the guesthouse. It required walking down the hill, turning right and then right again. Simple. That road is a little busier than some but not exactly a freeway. It is pretty unusual for a car or motorbike to get past 40mph because there aren't many area's without traffic. So all that to say we had just seen a house and were walking back. It was just as we got to the intersection where we would turn left that two motorbikes-one coming down the hill and one going up the hill ran into each other. It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen. The man on the bike closest to us flew up in the air probably about 9-10 feet, flipped and landed on his back. I can't recall exactly what happened because I only saw him. It was like a stunt scene you would see on a movie. He got up and I don't think anyone had any major injuries but one of the guys started yelling at the other, "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME?!?" Then they picked up their bikes and went to the hospital to check for injuries. That is how we discovered that if you have an accident you take yourself to the hospital and police station. You don't wait around for police or ambulances.
We have exhaused our options around here so we got on a yahoo group to see if there were any postings for housing and sure enough there was one. So I called the lady and made an appointment. Roland, who was with us when the bike accident happened, drove us to the place. Well, that is only halfway accurate. He drove us 95% of the way. We turned down the 'driveway' of what was labeled a beach house with a stunning view and had to get out of the car and walk the last stretch because the car would not have made it. At the end of this dirt path we found ourselves in a very small fishing village right on the ocean. The house was a 3 bedroom 2 bath shell with no flooring, windows, or anything practical that we would need so we both knew immediately that it wasn't an option but the adventurer in us thought it was awesome. You could walk probably 12 yards from the imaginary door and be in the water-after you passed one hut and a smokehouse. Everyone was quiet trekking back up the hill to the car. Andrew was calculating the cost of the spear he would need to join the village and I was lost in wondering if there were any mambas around when Roland turns to me and says, "this walk is not easy" and something about that really got me laughing. So then smiling he asks, "is it funny?" Yeah, I think it's funny. It really was a beach house and I really was a little stunned.

What is not funny is that hot sause, ketchup and mayo are all about $4 a bottle here. And I am pretty sure that the Freetown Supermarket doesn't do coupons. Today's events included that and going to furniture stores- mostly just to get out of the house but also just to see what is available. You will be happy to hear that we found a fabulous purple crushed velvet couch that looks like something out of the movie Aladdin at one store. That was only upstaged by the orange zebra print one someone was selling on the side of the road. Seriously, the prices were unbelieveable. We are definitely going to have all of our furniture built. I am excited about that happening one of these days.

Our kids have been coming over after nap time each night and we have dinner and hang out until bedtime and Andrew walks them back over to the center. Today the kids watched the movie Rio. It is so entertaining just to watch them watch the movie. I love thier laughs, expressions, comments,etc. There is a part in this movie were an orphan sells some birds to the villain. He is at the door and the guy gives him less than promised and tells him to go home to his mama. He answers that he doesn't have a mama. And the scene gets worse when the villain then asks, a papa? and Uncle? anyone? and the answer is no so they shut the door in his face. He walks away to the roof of some building with the small food he bought with the money he got for the birds and sits down alone looking over the city of Rio. When I saw this movie for the first time about 3 months ago I cried at that. It really got me because I was thinking of the very children I watched watching that same scene today. John cried. And that is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I went and got him a tissue and loved his sweet little face smiling as I handed it to him and he realized that I had been watching. No more John. No more will you hurt that hurt unless it is empathy for someone else.


  1. Oh Heather. What a special thing to share about John, and so grateful that you are there for him and he is no longer alone.

    Praying for leads for housing for you!!

  2. Okay, at the first of this post, I was almost in tears laughing. At the end, I was in tears over the tenderness of sweet moment and sentiments you shared with your son. Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures. :)

  3. praying daily for your house...I'm excited about the your furniture although I'm disappointed that the purple velvet one wouldn't work out:(
    So sweet about John! So thankful for God's love for them through you guys! He is a GOOD God, Loving! "rivers of mercy never ceasing"

  4. Thanks so much for these wonderful posts. I feel like we're there with you, God is good, and I know He is pleased with you. I pray you'll know His pleasure.

  5. Can't believe you wouldn't want a purple couch. It would go great with your lime green chair. Real 70's sheek!! So what did you leave out you didn't want me to know???? Mom

  6. I am so happy that you are now there with ALL of your kids and that they are no longer orphans! Albert, John and Isatu are blessed to have you in their lives and I know you are blessed by them as well. I loved reading about Sheriff and how sweet he was to you. I think he really likes Levi. Thank you for sharing this sweet story and keep the blog posts coming...I love hearing about your adventures. Praying that a great house will turn up soon and that your house here will be occupied in the near future. I miss you a lot! Amber