Monday, February 27, 2012


Lizard in Krio is condo. We have seen many a lizard and heard many a shriek from Levi announcing his newest catch. Today Andrew took John, Isatu, and Albert to sports day practice so I tried to talk Levi into going with them and racing the other kids but he was having none of that. He was set on staying here and continuing the hunt. So today Levi was out in the dirt for hours collecting small grubs and putting them in an old plastic coke bottle. The boy had a plan. This afternoon he saw two good size condo's on top of the compound wall where they like to sunbath and unknowingly taunt a five year old boy. He laid out all the grubs in a pile, sat down beside it and waited. Some of the grubs would escape and he would corral them back. Would you believe that the lizards came all the way down the wall, ran half way to the pile and then ran away again. I guess they were either testing the waters or they lost their nerve. They were obviously interested because they would stay right on the edge, creep down and then run back all the while eyeing the grub pile excitedly doing their push ups. After an hour or so of that a few spectators were back from practice and interfering with his plan. So, he decided to switch it up and make several piles and stand a little further back. If anybody stepped out of the imaginary line(mostly Isatu and Ivey) he would bark out orders to get back and wait. It was quite entertaining actually. The lizards came about 4 feet from all of us and ate every one of those grubs. There were a few unsuccessful attempts of running to catch them but they would come right back to eat. Tonight while Levi is fast asleep he has unknowingly entertained his mother. And so, I have a plan. On tomorrows agenda is making a box with a trap door. You know the propped up on a stick with a string attached kind. That should be about as entertaining for me to watch.

Here is one our day guard Samuel helped him catch.

Now before anyone gets upset and calls PETA you should know that during nap time this lizard 'escaped' according to Levi and apparently he scratched the cord with his toes. I won't disputing a good assessment to say weather or not I know differently.

and a baby one that he caught back at the guesthouse:

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  1. Visualizing that in my mind is so funny and so Levi!! Love that boy. mom