Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sierra Leone Day one

1. The most eventful thing I can say about our traveling to get to Freetown is that some drunk guy almost got kicked off the plane for getting overly excited and hitting two girls on our team, unsuccessfully gave Kelly a high-five, and dropped a few f-bombs.
2. Once in Freetown I had my first helicopter ride which was fun.
3. We got to our hotel and found out it didn't have internet connection, a conference room or a toilet in Ericas case so we had to move all 31 huge donation bags and all of our own bags to another hotel. I think we ended up getting in bed at 1:30pm.
4. We went to dinner at a place called Alex's and I had chicken schmarma by candlelight and the ocean.
Some guys came out in the water eating fire sticks which was unexpected.
5. I can't believe we are 5 minutes from the center and I am seeing the kids in the morning. It is so difficult at this point to be patient.

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