Monday, May 24, 2010

The Covering

Today Dr. Auntie Nicole did checkups on all the kids and it turns out a few had to go in for sicknesses. One of which was Malige. They were gone for a short while and I didn't really think many people noticed them depart but when they drove back in all these kids went running to the car yelling, 'MALIGE! MALIGE! MALIGE!' in almost a cheering chant like form. I was so taken aback. Erica and I just looked at each other in surprise. What a sweet little family of kids this is. He was truely missed by his friends and they were so concerned. Isn't that the sweetest thing in the world?


  1. oh I pray that Malagie is better! He is such a cutie! I am so thankful that the kids at the Covering all love each other so much! God's love is in that place!

  2. Thanks for posting. We help sponsor Malige so it was good to hear about him. Thanks for huggin on Lucy too!!! Your words and photos have been a blessing for us!