Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is so funny what misconceptions you can have. What thoughts you think under total assumptions. And, it is funny what you can be totally spot on about without any knowledge of it. I met John and Isatu's father today. He was smaller than I imagined. Only about an inch taller than me. I wasn't nervous b/c I assumed he wouldn't be there. Then when we drove up all the sudden there he was and here I am looking like a mess coming from serving at the hospital all morning in the heat. For the second day in a row I felt like a complete nerd but what can you do when you are one. So, I just had to hope that he would like me as I was. And he almost cried. He hugged me. Several times. He held my hand and walked me through his home. I complimented his home and he proudly posed for photos with me. I lost count of how many times he said thank you. And we both understood some strange connection of caring for his kids. And I love him. I love this man that I do not know because he is a pastor of the United Methodist Church there in Grafton. I love him because he gave up a most prized possession-3 actually-in a selfless act to help others. And I love him because he totally accepted me and was so kind. He was exactly who I pictured him to be when I first saw his children. Just not as tall.

Andrew, I am happy to tell you that I did not see Yanni at St. George's Foundation and I did not give her the photos. I found out she was one of the Network kids and has been reunited with her family. Praise God for saving her life. So, I gave the 4 photos to the other kids there and told them how I was your wife and that you were sad you couldn't come but that it was my turn to get to visit them. I also took a photo with them that I told them we would bring copies of the next time we are there. Also, I am so happy to report that Lucy was doing great! We were so amazed that she was responsive, hugging Lori, and clapping with the beat when the other kids were. I couldn't have been happier about that.

We only saw the kids for about an hour today since we were on the east side of town all day. I felt bad because the kids just woke up when we got there and we very groggy. Then I really think Albert was disappointed when I had to leave so quickly. I know I was. We did spend the time drawing and I have a great little page of doodles that are supposed to be me, andrew, levi and ivey in my journal courtesy of Albert. Tomorrow we are supposed to leave at 9:30 and go to the beach all day with the kids. I am so excited! Pray for safe travels since we will be transporting at least 100 people on roads that are about as safe as hunting in Arkansas.

Also, I have nothing to say about the children's hospital. Like they say, pictures speak a thousand words.


  1. i am trying to skype with you, but you are offline. CALL ME!!!!!

  2. Heather...thank you for the updates...oh the joy to hear your thoughts on Lucy! THANK YOU! It looks like it has been an amazing trip already!!! Might God continue to shine through you!!!

  3. You do remember you are from Arkansas, right? Mom