Sunday, May 26, 2013

dy no might

John and Levi wanted to have their party together this year so we came up with a dinosaur/excavation theme.  It was rained out yesterday so we moved it to today and had to go out in between sprinkles.  We all enjoyed it anyway. And, I really really love chocolate cake!
The goods

Even Barbie went on a safari

the birthday paleontologist 

Monty Rex and his buddies

The first sighting on the tour.
The tour guide explaining the dangers of getting too close to an apatosaurus.

And another one.

The dig for a suspected two dinosaurs.  Our mento's in coke volcanos were unfortunately not a sucess.

Some of the remains.  Thank you Todd and Jodi Harmon for this gift a year ago.  It gave me the idea for this party.  
A little excavationist delicately sweeping her dino bone.

the full collection

The fully assembled bones.  The volcano cake with molten hot lava(ie red hots and hot tomalies), and a sweet little head hold.

The very excited owner of a new nintendoDS.  I really love e-bay!  It was so fun to give him something he was so excited about. 

Again, I so appreciate e-bay!  And, Levi loves the outcome of e-bay. 

Surely our kids think we're cool.   
And the after effects.

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  1. Love these pictures. Great to see the kids laughing and having fun together. Wish I could have been there to participate!
    Ivey's skin still looks clear. Thank you Jesus!