Saturday, May 11, 2013

After 10:00

We don't run our dryer on the generator so sometimes I line dry our clothes.  Also, I sometimes do laundry late so I have to go out to the back side of our house to hang them.  The bulbs on that side don't always work and it isn't really that smart of an idea to go walking around where you can't see but sometimes I risk it.  And, I usually freak myself out.  You know how you imagine every noise is a serial killer when your home alone.  It is kind of like that.  About a week ago I went out there and kept hearing a strange kazoo-like noise.  Of course, I immediately imagined some undiscovered species of man eating monster but the discovery was so much better.  It was our chickens.  When I first discovered it was them I thought it was coming from their lower half which was funny in itself but then I realized that they were snoring.  Who knew chickens snored!?!

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  1. I was around chickens growing up and I didn't know they snored. Mom