Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To Albert

In Sierra Leone the adoption rules are that once a child turns 16 that they are no longer eligible for adoption.  Albert's current birth certificate says that his 16th birthday occurred in January of 2014.
He has 'timed out'.  Our race against an ever changing clock has finished.
We have discussed between ourselves and with our children that if we adopted that we would have kept their origional names.  However, if we had have decided differently I know what I would have renamed Albert and this is dedicated to him:

I would have named you Moses
(the story of Moses begins in the book of Exodus)
You were the son of a people in need.  In my wealth I walked like pharaoh's daughter without experiencing the sorrows you knew.  But one day I saw your distress and I sought to help you.  You came and lived a short part of your life in our home.  A palace that was never meant to hold you.  You were meant for greater things beyond these walls.  I believe that God gave you an experience with us for a yet-to-be-seen reason.  I believe you-like Moses- will walk with God and share a role in the salvation of many. I believe you will be a leader.  The leader of an exodus.  The exodus of the bondage that Satan has so long held over your people.  It may take many miracles and there will be days that you come back to God with more questions than answers.  At the time that Moses questions God in Exodus 5:22 he had already seen God appear in a burning bush, turn his hand leprous and then back to normal, and turn a staff into a serpent.  We all tend to forget about the amazing things that God has done during a time that is difficult.  But don't forget the miracles that God has already done in your life.   You have defied sickness, you have gone further in your education than most people in your country, you have been blessed to have several men of God as leaders around you to learn from, you have 100's of brothers and sisters, and you have lived in a family with Americans.  Americans who loved you deeply and wanted to keep you to themselves.  As you walk through the waters that God will part for you, please don't forget your time at the 'palace'.  Follow the ways that God has written out for you and you will be blessed.  Love God first and people second.  Serve widows, orphans, and strangers because that is the purest form of religion.
We will continue to pray earnestly for your future and for your strength to carry out God's will for your life no matter where that takes you.  We will be there for you when you need us because we love you dearly.

And while I would have named you Moses if we had have decided to change your name, for now you are stuck with me calling you ALBERTO in a loud weird voice.  It means noble and bright which I find just as applicable to who you are.  Until we meet again my son, until we meet again.

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