Thursday, January 24, 2013

Halloween and Christmas

I meant to post these so many times before but haven't.
Our halloween included the boy's dressing up like superhero's and Andrew being a 'green dragon' whom the boys had to slay to rescue the princesses and candy box.  I had given the boys water balloons but they did not realize that I had also given a secret stash to Andrew which was a fun revelation.  Afterwards, we watched It's the Great Pumkin Charlie Brown.

We felt a great representation of this years christmas was a zebra tree 'topper' (really a tree bottomer).

We knew that the holidays would have their ups and downs.  Meaning that we would really miss our friends, family, christmas parties, christmas trees, etc., but that we would also be excited about getting to spend Christmas with our new family members for the first time.  We did not want to take up any space in bags or on the container with christmas decorations so I had been saving pinterest ideas for quite some time.   I didn't do any of them except salt dough ornaments in the shape of gingerbread men. 

We got a pretty neat stick at the beach and put in a bucket of sand.  Instead of a tree skirt the kids decorated the sand with shells.  The kids dumped out the lego bucket and sorted all the red, white and green ones to make their own ornament for the tree.  

The boys sacrificed the battery operated lights off their bulletin boards that hang over their beds.  I just have to tell that getting that stick home was one of the funniest things I have had happen since we've been here.  There are so many scenes etched in my memory that could be norman rockwell paintings.  Men hanging out of dump trucks shouting for us to stop because obviously we couldn't know that there was a giant stick strapped on top of our car.  Half asleep guys waking up with wide eyed looks of surprise.  Flailing and pointing all around.  We even had a police officer stop us.  Once we explained that it was in fact our christmas tree he shook his finger at us slowly saying a very drawn out 'OOOOOHHHHHH' as if we were really up to something.  And then he laughed and let us go.  

One special moment for us was the viewing of the pre-recorded book from Mimi and Grandvan. So fun to hear their voices even if I did hear them read The Night Before Christmas about 100 times.  It was a really thoughtful and loved gift.

Another special moment was the viewing of the video that so many friends put time and effort into.  WE LOVED IT!!!  What an awesome gift to see our friends, family and well wishers on the screen and hear their voices.  We loved the songs you made up, random dance moves and other personal touches that you so lovingly put in.  It will always be logged in memory as one of my favorite gifts ever and it truly made our christmas twice as happy having such great friends.  
Everyone was in a generally jolly mood and I love the sounds of our kids laughing and playing through the house.  

tickling feet

Stocking stuffers

Auntie Augusta had the unfortunate and sad event of going to the funeral of her father through the Christmas break.  Since Pastor Daniel and Morlai were solo they attended a TRS church event in the morning and then joined us for a Sisco family tradition of a big breakfast around 10:00.  After that we played with the Christmas games.  Fuse ball,  Table Hockey, Badminton, and etc.  Let me just say that we LOVE the Kamara family.  It was Pastor Daniel who translated to the kids for us when we told them about wanting to adopt them.  It was Pastor Daniel who was a mediator to us and Albert when we could tell that he was concerned and confused about what the adoption would mean for him pastoring the people of Sierra Leone.  It was Pastor Daniel and his story that helped changed my heart when I was scared and not wanting to come here back in June of 2011.  I remember sobbing like an idiot during that nightly team devotional.  I can't remember other than my close friend Amber who else was there but I am sure that they thought I was weird.  Ha.  He and Augusta have been a constant encouragement to us since we've been here and I look forward to seeing them each time we visit the center.  The last time we were there their small son Darlentine came running open arms from far off to hug me.  He also loves Levi and gets so excited to see him.  He came running to Levi at the beach last Saturday grabbed his hand and held it until Levi would come play in the waves.  We are thankful for God placement of this fantastic family in the lives of the kids at the center and in our lives.  What a joy to get to spend Christmas Day with at least one of them.

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  1. Zebras make everthing more special, even a christmas tree. :)

    sarah cope