Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just a dance move

I don't have time to write a real informational blog about all the things that have happened lately.  I really want to do that justice so it might have to be a plane ride project.  However, I just had to post two stories from the day that have had me laughing to myself.
Story #1
Levi hates shopping and rightly so.  Hobby Lobby is one of the joys of my existence and one of his darkest nemeses.  Today he repeatedly shouted in the store, ran in the store, ran around aisles where I could not see him and several other top store no-no's.  After giving him the dreaded 3rd strike he was informed that he would be receiving a spanking when we got home.  Ivey had to go to the bathroom and I needed to search for a mailing tube in the beads aisle(they were 1/2 off and I am preparing a gift-so justified right?).  There was no mailing tube anywhere in Hobby Lobby today even thought I know they at one time did have them for art works.  So, Levi had been great for the rest of the shopping trip and even kept Ivey in line so as we checked out and walked to the car I told him that I was very impressed with how well he did for the rest of our shopping trip so I was going to excuse his spanking.  He very seriously told me, "Yeah, when I was in the bathroom I decided to turn my life around."

Story #2
Ivey Lane has been given some super awesome dress up shoes from her friend Ruby.  They are glittery yellow with red and white polka dot insides.  If a girl has shoes that awesome who cares if they match. So, she wears them every day no matter what the upper 3/4ths of her is wearing.  She and Levi had just gotten out of the car and were playing in the driveway which proved to be a perfect 'twirl your skirt' moment.  It did not, however, go as I suspect she planned and she kind of tripped doing one of those cartoon moves where your body stays in one spot but your feet are really moving.  There was all this heal clicking noise and stuff.  She ended up catching herself and I asked her if she was ok.  Without skipping a beat she said, "Oh yeah, that was just a dance move."


  1. You don't know me but your family is awesome! I just read your latest blog to my husband and we are both lol. Thanks for the giggle!
    Kristie J

    1. I laughed so hard! I can just visualize my grand-babies doing this. Mom

  2. Oh that just gave me a much needed laugh. Though this post is over a month old! I seriously teared up picturing Ivey in those shoes! Precious, precious girl! Love you guys! Praying... always! -Lindsey