Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where the name of this blog originated.

So I was talking with our visitor Robin and realized that I wanted to post these few funny things of late. A few weeks ago Dave and Brad were here and brought a memory stick full of basketball games Andrew had missed. This was the first time our African boys had ever seen this sport. As two of the basketball players ran in excitement at each other to do a chest bump and then one slapped the others buttocks. Albert laughed hysterically and said to John, "This is how they greet each other?!? They slap each others booty and jump at each other!" That has always been a little funny to me anyway but to see their reaction was all the more so. Recently, Andrew and the boys stayed up to watch X-men. Actually, I think maybe they needed to be a little older in hind site but we didn't remember it having any bad scenes. It was just a little too scary for their age and they thought that everyone was a witch. They did, however, love it. I was in and out of the room for the first half of the movie but ended up sitting in on it because it is so funny to watch them react to movies. There is a scene in that movie where several of the mutant good guys are surrounded by police and more and more police cars keep coming with sirens on. Two of our boys have never experienced a police car like that and in the scene the mutants are trying to explain that they aren't trying to do anything wrong to no avail because the police are all posed to shoot which they did. They shot Wolverine right in the forehead. That caused another of the mutants to start shooting fire everywhere and John shouted, "YEAH, bring it with your whew whew whew." Sometimes I have trouble breathing around here! Also, during that same time frame we were reading about Abraham and God's covenant with him. The sign of that covenant was circumcision which launched a funny episode in itself about a boy at the center who had to be redone and a chicken pecked him in the privates which they all cringed about. But the real blurb that was hilarious came the next night when Andrew asked if they remembered what we read the night before. There was a pause where everyone was thinking and trying to remember when John very seriously says, "they all got short!".....................uh, yes, good job John. (C-A-T lego's) Today we are celebrating the entry of the very first person God placed in our lives to care for. I remember being at the hospital and feeling shocked that they were about to let me take him home. It is such a weight and burden to do a good job at this role. It has been very difficult to carry out but there are days when I feel successful. He prays beautifully when he decides to. I am pretty sure that he has made me laugh every day for the last 6 years and I truly adore this beautiful, smart, funny, and quirky little freckle faced boy. (Wolverine) I will end this one with one of my favorite parenting moments. I learned humility and how to lock yourself in the bathroom not-so-discreetly to hide from serious embarrassment. We took someone to a doctor's appointment. While waiting, Ivey had a dirty diaper. We trekked out to the car to get the diapers and wipes and I realized that I was not going to be doing this one in the car so we went back in and sat in the chairs next to the bathroom to wait our turn. After about 5 minutes I began to wonder if I had just not turned the handle hard enough but didn't want to disturb someone twice if there was someone in there. Levi, who was approximately three time, and loud, made the announcement that it was taking a long time. I quietly said, "Yes, it is." and hoped that he would end it there. He suggest loudly that maybe it was poop. "Yes it probably is." I said quietly again while I noticed a few snickers. There were approximately 15 people in this waiting room and I am pretty sure that all of them heard it. I tried to change the subject because I had found by that point that if you try to deter children from talking about a subject there are so many questions that you might as well write a 12 page essay about what they shouldn't say and why. So I chose to just answer quietly and hope he would be interested in the People magazine. But unfortunately that is when the poor woman finally emerged from the bathroom. Before I could collect Ivey and her things and close the door behind my little announcer he dashed in there to the toilet and dashed back out and shouted to me(the lady had not even sat down yet), "YEP, IT WAS POOP". I too stayed in the bathroom for quite some time.


  1. So Funny. I remember that story! Oh how I'm thankful for the laughter and love this boy has brought me also. Thank you for blessing me with a grandson and you are a great mother to him. Mom

  2. Heather, thanks for sharing! Love these stories because I can picture them happening. I well remember the circumcision fiasco at the center. Ouch!

  3. A friend just pointed me towards your blog because we are moving to Freetown in August! It's my husband and I and our two kids (Brooklyn, daughter, 8 years old; Sam, son, 7 years old) I'd love to ask you a few questions about packing stuff as well as just chat with you via email! Would you be open to emailing me at
    I look forward to hearing from you!