Thursday, April 19, 2012

the two request

So we have a request. Actually two.
Request #1
The boy we have mentioned in two recent post about selling the biscuits and hurting his eye has now been kicked out of his aunts home for not selling biscuits on Easter. He instead went to church with us. We had no idea that he would get in trouble for that-we just invited him. At first he said he was coming but didn't show up for a while. When Albert went over to check on him he said he couldn't come because he didn't have anything to wear. So Albert walked him to his closet and told him to pick something. He went and showed up the next week too. He had apparently knocked on the gate and we didn't hear him. So he went on his own. He was sitting there playing drums when we walked in. He grinned from ear to ear at our surprise. He came over to tell us about his situation and say that he was walking to his uncles house to ask if he could live with him. The answer was no. He asked his mom who according to him abandoned him at birth and never comes to see him if he could live with her and she let him know he would have a new dad when he got there. He was not excited about this option but agreed and I don't know what happened but she showed up and left without him. He is currently staying with the really nice lady across the street. We are wondering if anyone out there would be interested in helping with his school fees. We think it is going to cost approximately $500 and the cost of a uniform, lunch, and transportation.

Request #2
We will be shipping a container soon that will bring some of our last items that were bigger and we couldn't bring on the plane. Since being here we are figuring out what things are reasonably priced and what things are expensive. We have a food list of items that cost triple here what I could get it there when I was couponing. So are looking for around 3 Super Savers out there who would not mind shopping for us. We will take as much of each of these items as we can because with 5 kids we are going through things pretty fast. I have been watching the Publix site and many of these things are buy one get one free or even just on sale at Publix this week. They have a limit to the amount that you can buy so we need several people to buy as many as possible. We have to have the items at the home of our shipping coordinator (who lives in Spring Hill, Tn but items can also be dropped off at Logo Chairs in Franklin, Tn) by April 27th. If you are able to shop at Publix for these things please add a message at the bottom of this post and let me know. When you have a total and we will have our fantastic financial partner reimburse you.

Here is the list:

Instant Oatmeal
Peanut Butter
Powdered Milk
Tuna Fish
Cascadian Farms-Honey Oats cereal
Shredded Wheat cereal
Raison Bran Cereal
Chex cereals
sunflower seeds-shelled
Parmesan cheese
Emerald brand almonds
Barilla alfredo sauce
Canned vegetables(green beans and peas)
Louisiana Hot Sauce
dried beans(black eyed peas, light and dark red kidney, navy, etc)
grape, strawberry or blackberry jelly/jam
Levi would like to request Mac-n-cheese($4/box here! Isn't that crazy!)
Velvetta cheese
Chocolate chips
Creamers in Hazelnut
Canned drinks: coke, dr.pepper, sprite, fanta, mountain dew, canada dry.
Starbucks coffee (Pike place roast ground for a french press)

Misc items:

Borax and Armand Hammer washing detergent (for making our own laundry detergent-thank you Rachel Ropiecki)
Paper Towels

Thank you advance if you can do this!!!

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  1. We'd love to sponsor him! Just send the $ to Erica?
    Rachael Smith