Thursday, March 22, 2012

11 days and 7 chickens

Oh wow it has been so hot. Even our native kids are saying that they are hot so it has to be bad. Therefore, we have been doing school on the front porch. Today, I was in the middle of saying, 'Magnets are attracted to iron. What can you think of that has iron that a magnet can stick to?' when lo and behold, over the top of the compound wall I could see a refrigerator seeming to float by. A man was carrying it on his head. A refrigerator! You don't see that everyday.

I decided to start the chicken project early. I said I would do it at the 6 month mark but I just can't wait. Each member of our family is getting their own chicken for easter. We are going to begin the building of the small coop as soon as the carpenter comes tomorrow. I am so excited! I hope I feel that way in a few months when it may not be as exciting to 'collect my free fertilizer'.

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  1. I thought you had changed your mind about the chickens because they attracted snakes. Great Picture! Love to see those sweet faces. mom