Saturday, November 26, 2011

39,000 smack-a-roos

Today Levi got out a stack of post-it notes and and orange highlighter with the intention of writing a letter to Santa. We have never really promoted this so I am sure some movie is to blame. Of course, I also assumed that he would have a laundry list of things he'd want, but no. He instead mentioned one squeezy frog and asked each of us what we'd like to ask for. He put them in a white envelope and wrote Santa on the front and asked me to mail it. In the meantime, Ivey has been asking all day if we could put up christmas decorations. I love to put up christmas decorations but this year there is such a strong resistance on my part because putting them up means a realization that we won't be in Sierra Leone by Christmas. I so wanted to spend our Christmas with all five kids and it just isn't going to happen. We have gotten to the point where we are ready and waiting. Craigslisters' have bought most of the things we needed to sell and we packed everything that we didn't need immediately. The Big Berky is on top of the refrigerator being tested, I have spent more time than necessary on pinterest claiming to research homeschooling ideas, and we have enough dove soap to wash a whale-which I might be if I don't stop eating pumpkin pie.
So we wait. And we hear about the good things happening at the center. Erica just got back and said that they had been blessed enough to give all the staff raises this year. I love that! And, the 'Kids Against Hunger' container has hit port. I love that too! I wish we could be there to experience the joy these things bring and to share in it with these people that we are growing to love. At the same time we are so going to miss the people here that we are leaving. We decided to have a portrait made so that we could hang it in our new house and remember the wonderful faces that we are so blessed to label as friends. I can't wait to see the framed product. I guess I should really get busy with that since I am the one framing it...
Some other things that have happened since my last post:
Andrew finished his missions class.
I got older and my kids woke me with the best cake I've ever received.

Levi started Kindergarten

Love Ivey's spirit! She really is a delicate yet boisterous 'queen of hearts'

Levi requested a lizard that walks on water. Nothing like a good challenge:

We had our first Sierra Leonian guest ever-Quami. The kids instantly loved him and we very much enjoyed his stay.

And I accomplished two goals that have been pending for years. 1. I shared a booth with a great friend at a craft fair. 2. I have a small section of my bibs, mobiles, and hair bow holders in a specialty shop. Two checks off my bucket list!

And, while I don't have any photos of this, the list of people who amaze us with their generosity continues to grow. Thank you all so much for your strong support of us. There just aren't enough words or thank you notes in the world to express how much we really do appreciate all those who have given their time, efforts, prayers, and money to us during this transition. I am sure you guessed what was on mine and Andrew's post it notes so if anyone has $39,000 laying around...well, you know.


  1. So blessed and honored to be your friends. If we had 39,000 smack-a-roos lying around, we would gladly give it to you. We will be so sad to see you leave, but we are 100% on board with your mission and so excited to see what God will accomplish through you since you said yes to His call. Love you guys! Amber

  2. Just praying so hard for you guys right now. Like Amber, I hate to see you guys go, but I just really pray that $39,000 comes in! Soon!

  3. Thanks for keeping us all posted through these writings. You have a great gift for words, and you see so much beauty and joy in the world that it is contagious. I know your family will bring that same joy to S.L. ... and very soon, I am sure. Thanks for letting us be part of the journey. -- Bob

  4. hi levi..i wish to come to your house..from levi from miss miser class..