Friday, December 17, 2010


We haven't posted in some time so here is what we've been up to:
1. My love of redoing furniture has been flaring up a lot so here are the pieces I have been working on;
first, a chest of drawers given to us by our parents that will go in Ivey's room since we are moving her to the room with no closets. I painted it turqoise-which is slowly creeping into first place for my favorite color-and modpodged different scrapbook papers on each drawer face. I did not change this hardware because I like the ones that were there and they were in good condition.

These are two candle sticks also given to us by parents who grabbed them when our aunt was getting rid of them. I was wanting some kind of planter for our orchids and these worked out great. I just painted them cafe mocha and added my favorite material: burlap.

This antique phone desk was given to us by a friend who got it from someone else who was getting rid of it. It was stained a dark color and had a dusty old torn red fabric for a seat. This green is too bright for me so I intend to repaint it a more sage green but haven't gotten to it yet.

There are always several project going on at the same time here at our house. I don't know if I could function any other way. Right now there are two in the garage that I am so excited about. One is a tv stand that we recived from parents who were redoing their playroom. I am adding a spring rod to make it an armoir for Iveys room. I intend to paint it, paper the inside and put on new knobs which I got on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They are these great pink and white swirled vintage glass knobs. I can't wait to finish that. Iveys birthday is in Jan. and I am in the process of making her a doll house. She has been so nurturing to her little dolls lately that I couldn't resist a doll house. I searched for ideas online and came up with one I like. Those photos will be on a different post.
Since I have been so busy with projects Levi has taken up cooking, and reading to his animals

and of course he loves his train set and I am more and more impressed with his skill at putting together great track designs.
We did a crayon project together where you take all the crayon scraps and bake them in egg shells to make new crayons. We had plenty to use since our children seem to LOVE coloring(ie throwing the crayons at each other) lately.

And Ivey, when she's not whining, or getting lipstick everywhere just dances and sings all the time...but that is my next post....

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