Monday, March 15, 2010

Salty crackers and flashlights (posted by heather)

Levi was riding in the car with his grandparents and wanted to play with their car flashlight. Mimi said that she really wanted him to be careful with it because it is her favorite one and she would be upset if anything happened to it. Of course Levi dropped it between the seats and it stopped working. He dramatically says, "Mimi, I am so so sorry that I dropped your flashlight."
She replies, "I am sorry too.". Levi responds, "Well, I forgive you."

Tonight we have some friends over for chili. Andrew asks Levi if he would like to say the prayer. He did and here is the prayer: "Jesus, thank you for our food.....and for the saltiest crackers I've ever seen.........(something else that no one could understand because of all the laughing)."

Levi asked me for something (for the hundredth time after telling him no all day)in front of Andrew and trying to use a teachable moment I said that he should ask his dad because Daddy is in charge of the whole house-including Mommy. There was this slight pause and then with this very mischievous smile he leaned close to Andrew's face and said, "be mad at her" and then laughed.

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