Saturday, February 20, 2010

Farewell posted by andrew

Today we started out by going to the Freetown market to get a few souvenirs. I was amazed at how many friends I had. I am sure it was because of my irresistible personality and not the fact that I had a roll of Leones in my pocket. I was able to pick up all the souvenirs that I needed with a lot of negotiation. Just like most countries other that the US you have to haggle for prices. I hate doing that most of the time, but sometimes it is fun playing the game. After the market we went and met Mrs. Mansaray for lunch. She is the Asst. Director of Social Welfare and we had a great meeting. She is going to be an integral part in saving the orphan here in this country and after meeting with her it is evident she has a big heart for children. She just took in 2 disabled children herself. We were able to bounce some ideas of each other and we are both exited about the future of this project.

After lunch we went and checked on the hovercrafts we are taking back to the airport tomorrow and headed back to family kingdom. They have a playground here and the staff of the Covering brought all the kids over to play. It was a blast to see them playing and having fun. For almost all of them this is the first time they have played on a playground. We had a picnic lunch that included sodas, a huge deal to the kids. The kids surprised Tina by getting her a birthday cake and singing her happy birthday. It is really going to be hard leaving them. I am going to miss them tremendously.

I bought an Africa shirt to wear to church tomorrow at the market. I might have to rock that thing to work one day.

We headed over to the Covering and the kids had a farewell ceremony prepared. They sang songs, prayed, danced, did skits, and gave farewell statements. Once again the love of Christ is overflowing at this place. They opened the floor for the kids to come up and thank God for something in their lives. Quite a few kids came forward praising and thanking God for the Covering because they can now have food to eat, a place to sleep, and can go to school. All of them are so grateful to be able to go to school. It is a joy to be a part of lifting up praises to God with them. They did something really cool during the program. They had each team member come to the front of the room 1 by 1 to be prayed for. When the team member was a man they had a young boy come up and pray over him; a young girl would pray over the women. What a sweet sound to hear these kids pray and what a humbling experience to have them pray over you.

Tomorrow we are going to Osseh and Quami’s church. I am really looking forward to that. I really enjoy worshiping with believers in other countries. It gives you a little glimpse of heaven when all the tribes and nations will be at the same place before the throne. After that we are heading back to the Covering for 1 last farewell and to finish up some of the bios and last minute items. We have to be at the airport at 5pm so that they don’t give our seat away for our 11:40pm flight. Yep, we have to be at the blazing hot airport almost 7 hours before we take off. That should be fun. We get back to Nashville at 5:00pm on Monday, so with the time change we will be in transit for about 24 hours straight. We have gotten very little rest this trip and are completely exhausted. Hopefully I will get a little sleep on the plane this time.

This will probably be the last blog post I do on our trip. God has done some amazing things on this trip and I have honored to be a part of this organization. Thanks to everyone who read along all week. I am really looking forward to sharing all of the pictures and video when I get back. I want to take this last part to encourage everyone to sponsor one or more of these precious kids. They need our help and they have so much potential. They will be the ones that change this nation, not us, we are just helping them to get there. If you are not able to sponsor please get the word out to as many people as possible so we can reach people who can. Funds are desperately needed and after being in a place like this, believe me, we have it to spare. Continue to pray for these kids, the staff, TRS, and the children who need to be sustained until they can come home to the Covering. For sponsorships or 1 time donations please go to

I will be back to this country many times and I am looking forward to seeing how our Almighty God changes things through these kids

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